Thursday, 29 September 2011

Space Chimps: Trailer

Hey, here's the trailer for 'Space Chimps'. Interesting that the trailer is 1 minute 27 seconds, gives an idea of the sort os time we will be looking for.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My drawings of the rough idea behind our trailer

Hey guys as promies I'm uploading the pages that posted up on my blog. It was a good chat today and I'm glad that we are getting this project rolling so well.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

B Movie Trailers

I found this great website that you might be interested in, as it has a list of  B movies from 40's to the 70's, I watch a couple and found a few that I think are relevant to the project.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blog Logo

Hey guys, here's the logo I made yesterday. Though it looked nice and bright. If you both like it and are happy to do so we can change the blog template to suit and put the logo at the top :)

Left me know your thoughts guys.

Silent Running Trailer

This one has been recomended by Alan. I will watch it tonight.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Stupid things that kill.

Just incase you like the idea I've put forward, here are some ludicrus films with killer things just shouldn't kill. Ultimately these films are just spoofs of the b-movies of the 50's.

Some thought

I do like the idea that it's more about the journey than the planet itself. Maybe the 6 month trip turns everyone into space crazy nutjobs. You could have so much fun with it. Maybe exposure to too much radiation on the trip is a cause. Also their greenhouse where they grow all the food for the trip is also affected and not only are they going a bit loopy but they also have to defend themselves from killer radioactive bananas.


Hey Sasha and Max. Today I designed a logo for 'First Light Studio' which I would like to show you both tomorrow. Obviously if either wish to also design a logo that's all good in the hood and we could always have a little vote on which one to use :)

Thoughts on story

Much like we said yesterday there are two routes which we can take in our trailer, either the trailer spending most of its time focusing on the planet itself such as the crew finding something on the planet or focusing on the journey to Mars spoofing such movies as Alien. Thinking on the lines of focusing on the journey to Mars a film I feel may be of use is Sunshine (Boyle, 2007). Starring Cillian Murphy a team of astronauts are sent to reignite the dying sun.

A History of the American B-movie: The 40s and 50s Article

Stumbled across an article which gives some explanation on the B-Movie term, gives some examples and gives the impact of society which caused these films to be produced.

A History of the American B-movie: The 40s and 50s Article - Karla Healion (Mar 23, 2010)

Another article by the same person which looks into the beginning of the B-Movie and how because of the depression Studios were looking into ways of making quick money to keep them afloat.

A History of the American B-movie: The Beginning of the B

How to make a B Movie

Just something silly I found while looking on Youtube...

A group of 50's B-Movie trailers

Films include - It Came from Outer Space / Robot Monster / The Creature from the Black Lagoon / Revenge of the Creature

Monday, 19 September 2011

Film References

Here are a few film trailers that I have stumble across

The Angry Red Planet (1959)
Directed by Ib Melchior
Based on a group of astronauts that land on Mars and then have to put up with continual battles against aliens, a giant amoeba, and the dreaded Rat-Bat-Spider thing

Flight to Mars (1951)
Directed by Lesley Selander

Red Faction Game Series


Colonizing Mars

Going to Mars

Facts about Mars.

The surface gravity on Mars is 38% of that on Earth. It is not known if this is enough to prevent the health problems associated with weightlessness.

Mars is much colder than Earth, with a mean surface temperature of −63 °C and a low of −140 °C. The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was −89.2 °C, in Antarctica.

There are no standing bodies of liquid water on the surface of Mars.

Because Mars is farther from the Sun, the amount of solar energy reaching the upper atmosphere (the solar constant) is less than half of what reaches the Earth's upper atmosphere or the Moon's surface. However, the solar energy that reaches the surface of Mars is not impeded by a thick atmosphere like on Earth.

Mars' orbit is more eccentric than Earth's, exacerbating temperature and solar constant variations.
The atmospheric pressure on Mars is ~6 mbar, far below the Armstrong Limit (61.8 mbar) at which people can survive without pressure suits. Since terraforming cannot be expected as a near-term solution, habitable structures on Mars would need to be constructed with pressure vessels similar to spacecraft, capable of containing a pressure between a third and a whole bar.

The Martian atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide. Because of this, even with the reduced atmospheric pressure, the partial pressure of CO2 at the surface of Mars is some 52 times higher than on Earth. It also has significant levels of carbon monoxide.

Mars has a very weak magnetosphere, so it deflects solar winds poorly.

To Mars and back is a 2 year round trip, with a short stay on Mars. 

Red Planet

Just watched this.

Some films that may be of use

I know that this slightly exceeds the dates between 40-60's but it definitely has the B Movie charms. Mission Mars (1968)

Another film worth checking out would be Robison Crusoe on Mars (1964) which youtube has the full movie for here

Then there's Mission to Mars (2000)

 Just a couple of extra films we may need to look into here guys hope your having a good evening.