Monday, 28 November 2011

Notes From Todays Meeting

Here are the notes about the points we discussed today in our meeting. If there is something I missed out just let me know.

So we decided that we would divided the share of the modelling with the aim to get all modelling done in the next 2 weeks.

List of what there is to Model

The Moon plus the buildings, Mars ,Earth (First opening scene)
Space Station
Space Capsules
Desert Environment (plus all props within that environment rocks etc)
Plane Crash Environment (inside if needed)
Frog Design
Hollywood Sign & Satellite
Characters (Adam, Eve, Bubbles & Frog)

Plus here are the other tasks
Final Script
Looking at the text we could use for our trailer
Textures & Matte paintings

With only 8 weeks left, we decided to spilt the remaining time up into sections, so we know what we have to concentrate on and when

1. Modelling (2 weeks)
2. Previz/Script (1 week)
3. Texturing/Lighting/Rendering (3/4 weeks)
4. Post Production (1/ week)

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