Thursday, 29 December 2011

Earth Textures

 Test render. Let me know if this is ok guys.

4k texture for the ground in Hollywood. It's tiled and a repeat of 35 in both directions was put on the placement node.

Here's the bump map. The bump value was set at a very low 0.03

This is the matte painting for the HDR lighting and background. This is just a JPG version of the HDR file used.


  1. WOw these textures look good. I am currently finishing up uving the props that are in the rocket crash. If you want i could go on a texture them along with the holloywood sign etc so when they go into the environment they will alreay be texured.

  2. Hey Sasha, I've pretty much done the crash site (look at the render above)

    Its not just a case of using the files and putting them in your scene as all the shaders would need to be set up as are mind in the scene above. What I can do is put a file in dropbox with all the shading networks so you can just import it to the scene. If poss can we chat on Facebook ASAP. I'll be on there all night.

  3. Hey man textures are looking awesome :) looking forward to being able to meet up on Tuesday :)