Thursday, 22 December 2011

@ Max & Sasha

The shot panning up the rocket and relieving the dying Earth and busy Moon wasn't really doing what I thought it really should. I kinda imagined the shot to show a busy Moon but it didn't, it just seemed dead. I've done a little test below and added some sky traffic just to see if that might add a little something to make you feel something is going on. Let me know if you think it adds something. Maybe even a little more might help too?


  1. Yeah that looks so much better, it doesnt seem as if the moon is deserted. I personaly think that there should be much more so that it looks as if the moon is over populated (maybe more buildings, just an idea) But at the moment it is starting to look really good :)

  2. Yeah agreed it looks much more populated at the moment. Much more things going on :)and yeah maybe it'll be worth modelling some more buildings? I'll have a crack at it over the weekend. I'll sort out the plane crash scene this weekend as well to make it look much more like a crash with loads more debris as well. It's looking great at the moment guys well done :) With this weekend and the bank holidays I can definitely churn out a lot more progress sorry for my slight absence.

  3. I'm glad you guys agree. That shot just cries out for lots to be happening. It needs to be a second of 'wow'. I think before putting extra buildings in though we should add more movement in the way of more traffic' Perhaps we could model a couple of basic flying car type things to shoot across the screen etc. Just so it looks like loads is happening.