Friday, 13 January 2012

3rd Edit

Here goes guys, once the vioces are in and the sound track completed I think it's going to be quite nice.


  1. At the start on the third trumpet blow, you should cut to the close up of the ship on that note in the music. Like you have for the first two, would flow nicely.

  2. Hey Justin,

    some suggestions re. making your music/edit/pace coalesce more effectively (it's already pretty effective, but some trimming/tightening is going to help).

    1) first trumpet blast should coincide with the cut from earth to the moon; so the moon appears on that first trumpet sound. The second trumpet sound works great with the cut to the moonbase, but the third trumpet sound should coincide with the close pan up of the rocket itself. This means you'll lose some of that middle shot of the moonbase itself - but if you begin that shot later (i.e. when the camera is nearer the rocket already), it will work fine, and then start the panning up shot when the camera is already moving; you're still cutting to a 'motionless' camera and it stalls the momentum. If you start that shot just before the horizontal strut swipes the screen, you'll get lots of energy. I know you're going to be attached to all that rendering on the 'zoom towards the rocket shot', but losing some of it and using those three trumpet blasts to your advantage is going to work to your advantage. Just give it a go!

  3. oh - Sasha - any luck with the voice-overs?

  4. Yeah Phil, I heard back from one of the voiceover artist i emailed and he said that he will do it for free for us. I emailed him back with the details and I havent heard anything back yet but hopefully I will do soon :)