Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Final Idea

1. Title appears with an establishing shot of the rocket being loaded. (Voiceover)

2. Camera zooms into the entrance to the rocket. The astronauts walk toward the rocket passing the camera.

3. Cut to each characters back story i.e. - Monkey writing mathematical equations on blackboard, scientist dropping test tube etc.
4. Countdown with the rocket taking off.

5. Their different reactions on their faces when the rocket takes off.

6. Checks are made that the rocket is working okay and then auto pilot is turned on. The son copying his dad plays around with the controls and he could put in a different destination, that they are all unaware about. (son knocks drink on control panel, drink slowly heads towards important buttons on the panel)

7. With the auto pilot on, they all go into sleep in the hibernation pods for the rest of the journey. (camera focuses on the liquid seeping into the control panel causing sparks and malfunction flashing on the console)

8. Crash wakes everyone up and they think they are on Mars but have landed in the Grand Canyon.

9. The control panel is destroyed so they assume they are on mars and the communications are damaged. They receive a weak transmission which they only make out "Earth.......Destroyed...."

10. They assume they are the last humans alive and go to explore Mars.

11. Fly gets into the dad's suit then lands on his nose. Looks cross eyed at the fly then gasps and breathes it in making him choke.

12. Maybe the kids are fighting and they end up cracking their helmets and then they all realise that there is something strange is they can breath the air.

13. They all have their own realisations - one finds a footprint believing it to be Martian, Another finds running water believing they've discovered running water on Mars, Then the Monkey finds a coke can brushes it off and then realises they are still on Earth.

14. Then the Camera cuts out slowly revealing they are in the Grand Canyon and still on Earth.

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  1. Just some stuff we also talked about the reasons why they're off to Mars. Possible ideas - Planet Earth is on the verge of destruction due to mankinds neglect of the natural world, climate etc. They're off to Mars for the first time in an attempt to make a possible new home or tot start the process of terraforming the planet. There has already been sent up in previous unmaned flights to Mars equiptment to aid with this process. it's all in the hopes that in the not too distant future that more manned missions can go to Mars to add to a perminant collony and save the human race from certain destruction. Poss idea?