Monday, 3 October 2011

Thinking of scenes/shots

From when we spoke before just to get an idea of shots etc that will be in the trailer.

Here's some ideas.

1. Establishing shot. Maybe NASA head quarters, rocket ready to take off.

2. Shots of team. Monkey writing mathematical equations on blackboard, scientist dropping test tube etc.

3. Rocket taking off.

4. Scientists going into hybination for the journey.

5. Something goes wrong with ship. (Maybe it's hit with small meteorites) Communications and navigation fail, sparks come from control pannels.

6. Ship is set to auto land on Earth due to malfunction, and ends up crash landing at the bottom of the grand canyon.

7. Crew awake to find themselves on 'Mars'.

8. They go out to explore and plan to get out of the canyon. (I think it might be best if it's Winter time) The scientist get exited about discovering running water.

9. They discover footprints.

10. The monkey discovers a rusty coke can.

11. Shot of camera zooming out from the Grand canyon and show the Earth.

Further from after group discussion - Shot of a fly in the helmet of the militant astronuat.

We would need some shots of Housten (NASA) looking as though they're perhaps trying to discover what happened.

Maybe the last shot 'Planet of the Apes' style ending with the coke can instead of the Statue of Liberty

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