Monday, 3 October 2011

Ideas for scenes and shots

Just a few ideas I had for different shot we could have.

1. Title appears with an establishing shot of the rocket being loaded.

2. Camera zooms into the entrance to the rocket. The astronauts walk toward the rocket passing the camera. When each character passes by the camera it will cut to a introduction of that character. This would be done for the whole family and the monkey.

3. Countdown with the rocket taking off.

4. Their different reactions on their faces when the rocket takes off.

5. Checks are made that the rocket is working okay and then auto pilot is turned on. The son copying his dad plays around with the controls and he could put in a different destination, that they are all unaware about.
6. With the auto pilot on, they all go into sleep in the hibernation pods for the rest of the journey.

7. When they finally wake up, the find that they have already on what they think is mars but actually they have landed in the Grand Canyon.

8. They go out to explore what they think is mars.

9. They find a foot print and they all freak out that there might be Martians of this planet.

10. Maybe the kids are fighting and they end up cracking their helmets and then they all realise that there is something strange is they can breath the air.

11. Camera pans out to reveal that they are standing in the Grand Canyon.

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