Friday, 21 October 2011

Scenario Thought ?

Hey Guys, Just stumbled across these film Robinson Crusoe On Mars!

The film is basically about two astronauts and a monkey that are sent to mars. When they reach the planet, they are forced to use up their fuel to avoid an imminent collision with a meteor. With the ship now stuck in orbit, they have no choice but to eject to the surface, the first men on Mars.

There is a part of the film when the main character ruins out of oxygen and has trouble breathing, he lays on the floor where He hears a very faint hissing sound. Near him, on the floor, lay a few of the coal-like rock he uses for warmth. He realises that The rocks, when burned, release oxygen - and he is saved. I think we could uses this scenario and parody it for our own trailer.

An idea I had was that we could have it that they find what they think are some mas rocks and start to experiment on them, not knowing what they are doing as they are not actually scientist. Then the male and female character start to believe that these rocks are releasing oxygen and get excited and start to breath in oxygen from these rock but what they are actually breathing is the earths oxygen.

Just an idea, let me know what you think.

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