Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Establishing shot of the moon, Earth in the distance. There is over activity on the moon due to overpopulation and the camera zooms into a NASA headquarters with a rocket being prepped for ignition.

Voice over of the back story - (Subject to be shortened)
In 2000AD the Earth, over populated is dying from radiation.With the moon already colonised and unable to sustain any more population, there is a new race to colonise Mars in order to save the human race. They have picked a man and a woman who are ideal candidates to continue the human race.

During the voice over the camera cuts to the team walking in an Armageddon-esque way towards the ship. Then cuts to inside the ship for the countdown where the crew are suspended in stasis, camera cuts to each character's face with a montage of their back story placed over the top.

Ship takes off, splutter - fizzle - bang, the ship falls out of shot hurtling towards earth cutting to black. The camera shows the ship, nose buried into the ground, at a slight angle. Shot fades into the characters walking around with the ship in the background. They see what they think is the communications tower and then make their way towards it. Female is over excited about everything she sees "OH MY GOD IT'S A MARS ROCK...." which is repeated for different things i.e. water source. As the male and female 'discover' these things the monkey finds objects to instigate they are on Earth which they pay no attention to. While that's happening the male follows a fly that has got into his suit with his eyes and accidentally gasps breathing it in. He then runs around screaming that he's going to die, an over reaction.  Female find a coke can "OH MY GOD...." then continues on to discover a foot print throwing the can behind her which the monkey catches and becomes frustrated. The monkey points at something to which the camera pans out to reveal the group are underneath the Hollywood sign. Then the camera zooms out into space revealing they have gone to Earth instead of Mars.

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